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10 Remote Jobs That Pay You $100,000+ To Travel In 2024

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Ever dreamed of getting paid to travel?

It’s actually not a far-fetched idea. There are many jobs, from freelancing to working as an employee for companies, which are hiring right now (at the time of writing), and pay you a six-figure salary to explore the world on your own terms while delivering quality work from your location.

This is the essence of what it means to be a digital nomad.

Perhaps the question, “Ever dreamed of getting paid to travel?” should be rephrased to, “Ever heard of work-from-anywhere companies?”

Yes, they really do exist. There are at least hundreds of them…employers who are actively breaking down barriers (usually start-ups and tech-focused companies) and hiring team members from all over the globe, allowing them to live and work where the please, so long as they get the job done.

If that sounds too good to be true, consider these two current job listings as examples, and the hiring values of the companies who have listed them:

1. Remote Account Executive At Float

This role, which covers the American and APAC (Asia-Pacific) region, pays up to $150,000 inclusive of OTE (on-target earnings). The company boasts team members from around the world, from Canada, to Nigeria, to the U.S., to Australia. What’s unique about Float is their hiring ethos: they take time to detail all the requirements and experience needed for the role, and they set your expectations for what you will be doing/learning in your first few months of the job. The listing then proceeds to detail what to expect as you progress and take on more responsibility.

Another unique aspect which sets this employer apart so far as hiring is concerned, is that they showcase a video within the listing, of the hiring manager discussing the role and why it is needed. This is good for two reasons:

First, it makes the hiring manager more relatable. You’re able to put a face to the name, as it were, and it disarms you as he appears to be friendly and relaxed. This is great preparation for your job interview should you be successful.

Second, the video shows the hiring manager (possibly your soon-to-be-boss) working remotely in Madeira. Whether he lives there or not is of little concern, but it is likely that he recorded the video from a café on the island, based on the background. This already sets your expectations for what it is like to work remotely in this company.

This serves to reinforce this lesson: When applying for a remote job, seek out transparency. The more a company shouts about their remote work policies from the rooftops, the better for your peace of mind.

2. Remote Full Stack Engineer At LightDash

LightDash is an opensource tech company that is remote-first. “We’re fully remote from anywhere +/- 3 hours from UK time,” their website says. Additionally, to ensure that their next exceptional talent is not deterred from applying for their roles, they state that they are open to suggestions from outside these time zones.

The company touts multiple benefits in addition to their work-from-anywhere policy, such as equity, unlimited PTO (with 28 days mandated at the very least), and a learning and development budget to help you progress your career.

With regards to pay, the salary for their full stack engineer role is set up to £110,000 (in GBP) which is roughly the equivalent of $140,000 in USD.

Companies like LightDash are role models as far as their hiring policies are concerned, because they are keen to include benefits that truly matter to most employees—such as working from any location, career progression and learning, and wellbeing through unlimited PTO.

More Remote Jobs That Pay $100,000+ While You Travel

Now that you’ve seen that there are employers who make it possible to work and travel, here are some other types of remote roles that pay over $100,000 on average, that allow you the opportunity to work from anywhere (granted you’re with a remote-first employer like the ones listed above) and travel to your heart’s content:

  1. Data analyst
  2. Data scientist
  3. Blockchain developer
  4. Cloud solutions architect
  5. Product manager
  6. UX/UI designer
  7. Digital marketing manager
  8. Cybersecurity specialist

Provided you have the necessary skills and experience, these remote jobs offer you flexibility, improved wellbeing, and the ability to make your money stretch further in another country while traveling.

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