Tuesday, July 23, 2024

10 of the best: stylish sandals that won’t hurt your feet

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Finding summer footwear that looks and feels good can be a challenge, but we’ve found options comfortable enough for all-day wear that will suit your style from day to night

Look for sandals with an ankle strap and supportive footbed, in quality materials such as leather

The shops are brimming with eye-catching sandals, yet finding a pair that is comfortable and also aesthetically pleasing is no simple task.

“On a daily basis this time of year, I see lots of patients presenting themselves to our clinic with falls and mishaps from poor-fitting summer footwear,” says Joe Egan, podiatrist and owner of the Priory Foot Clinic in south Co Dublin. “The battle patients face year in, year out is how to find footwear that looks well and fits well.

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