Sunday, February 25, 2024

Xbox game with record number of broken achievements to be delisted soon

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Paradox Interactive has announced it will no longer be updating the Microsoft Store version of its real-time PC strategy title Hearts of Iron IV and that it’s delisting the game from the storefront next month.

In an update posted on the Paradox Forum, Hearts of Iron game director Arheo announced that the digital-only title Hearts of Iron IV “will no longer be sold nor updated through the Microsoft Store” as of March 1, 2024. According to the developer, the reason behind this is so the team can “best utilize its resources supporting the platforms on which the vast majority of Hearts of Iron IV players are present.”

Hearts of Iron IV, which released in 2019 and was once included with PC Game Pass, has the most unobtainable achievements out of any Xbox game currently available on the platform. According to our data, there are a whopping 60 unobtainable Hearts of Iron IV achievements on its mess of a list. All but one of these unobtainable achievements are from DLC packs, including a bizarre add-on named “Placeholder,” which appears to have been pushed live and its list never updated.

Players in the forum are calling on Paradox to fix the game’s broken achievements before dropping support for the game. At the time of writing, Paradox has not commented on the issue.

While the Xbox version of the game will no longer be available to buy as of March 1, Paradox says that for players who have already purchased Hearts of Iron IV or its DLC packs through the Microsoft Store, it is working on a solution to give owners free Hearts of Iron IV Steam keys. The developer says it will share more details about this solution closer to March 1.

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