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What the New Moon in Taurus means for your star sign

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New Moons are a time for rejuvenation and manifestation. If you have a lack in your life, then this is the time to fill it, whether through a new experience, person, or item. We must make space for beginnings and foolish behaviour during New Moons. Mind you, we are all fools when beginning something new, so don’t be scared to get experimental.

For newbies, a New Moon is when the Moon and the Sun meet at the same degree, forming what astrologers call a conjunction. As an astrology practitioner, I’m all about precision because cutting through diamonds is possible. New Moons are a time for setting intentions and goals. Take the theme of each New Moon as inspiration to bring forth the best version of yourself. If you find your horoscope helpful, please share it and tag me on social media @monishaholmes.

How are you feeling, beautiful? If you want to actively participate in this New Moon in Taurus reading, I invite you to begin by picking up your favourite pen and writing about your current mood. Are you guarded, tense, open-hearted, free, childish, or unexpectedly pleased? Checking in with your mood can help you understand your current state of being. For example, currently, I am feeling grounded after a much-needed work-cation. Like a seed planted with intention, I feel a sense of belonging, purpose, and hope that extends beyond me.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the experience of being shut down by someone unwilling to listen to what works for you. I hope that part of your release is to accept your fears and calm yourself. Worry cannot be what leads you, beloved.

On 7th May 2024, the Moon will join the Sun in the sky for the sacred and loyal rendezvous that is the New Moon in Taurus. When we break up with anxiety, we can make room to be patient and enjoy the process.

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Full speed ahead! Your individuality is luminescent, Aries. Expressing your true self is appealing, primarily because it derives from a sense of purpose instead of spite. Let go of your fears of intimacy and vulnerability and you’ll be able to attract the experiences and people you need. There is no shame in accepting aid, and your ability to receive it may reinforce your sense of self-respect.


Keep your journal in hand, Taurus. What is love? How do you show yourself love? With the New Moon occurring within your zodiac sign, you are welcome to heighten your self-awareness; it will aid you in clarifying the path ahead. Even though you may want to move forward with the information you have now, allow yourself time and space to let the path clear for you first. Barriers can independently come and go when you allow time to pass.


The New Moon in Taurus unexpectedly brings awareness to your allure. While you may not understand how the universe moves, trust that what seems like a pain point might actually be a compliment. Avoid letting the actions of others get to you. You’re in a prime position to manifest your goals when you trust your intuition. Is your inner knowledge telling you to worry about pointless endeavours?


Growing friendships are emerging in your life. The power of being surrounded by the right community members should never be understated, dear Cancer. Allow yourself to indulge in food festivals, meditation retreats, and whatever helps you feel cozy and at home. Meeting people who align with your purpose will feel natural when you lead with an open heart and a sense of wonder.


Only some people will understand or appreciate your vision, Leo. Most of us are just taking shots in the dark. That’s why many people enjoy going a more traditional route: what’s tried and true enables familiarity. When you diverge into the great unknown, you must be ready to pivot and adjust as necessary. Blazing a trail despite fear will reap many more rewards than denying your soul’s calling.


Virgo, I love you because of your willingness to serve and fill in the blanks for others. At this time, the stars suggest that you direct this kind of care toward developing your own knowledge. You have so much to offer others, but consider whether you have enough for yourself. Slow down and get your checks and balances in order. You’ll thank yourself for the practical acts of self-love.


Manifesting intimacy requires a willingness to be still and enjoy the process. Trusting someone is no longer enough for you, Libra. Trust is the bare minimum. Like, duh you should feel comfortable and enthusiastic about the person you’re considering letting into the most tender parts of your soul! Sweetheart, you deserve spontaneous, unexpected, and serendipitous moments of clarity in your connection.


What if love is a healthy paradox? Our brains don’t always vibrate at the frequency of love. Maybe we are all looking for something different, and love is not always a primary need. You will have unexpected experiences in your relationships. Regardless of your willingness to deepen your connections, friendships, and partnerships, the ball is in your court. Boundaries are love limits, and you can choose to free your spirit within safe spaces.


Good on you for learning about yourself. Reorienting yourself is sometimes necessary, but spending time out and about in new worlds and universes is energetically and physically taxing. How’s your stamina doing? Yes, I know you’re an incredibly adventurous sign, but even you can burn out. Take a break!


Enjoy yourself, baby. Let your emotions move you to reach out and embrace love and affection. Just maybe start with a hug instead of adopting other people’s commitment styles. Stoic Capricorn, we know that you can determine your fate. What makes you feel alive? Are you willing to live life and share time with someone you like?


Pluto is retrograde in your zodiac sign during this New Moon. Captain, are you preparing for lift off? The New Moon in Taurus is allowing you to appreciate your home and family life. Your ability to see how you fit into a grander whole is great for your personal development. Letting new people in means you have the opportunity to see yourself, while time at home allows for meditation and stillness.


Surrounding yourself with novelty allows for more self-awareness. Not everyone knows that the conscious and subconscious are not the same. Consider why your zodiac sign is depicted as two fish, not one. The New Moon is presenting you with the ability to integrate or resolve the holes in your story.

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