Monday, June 17, 2024

WATCH: Airport chaos in Spain as ALL flights are cancelled, delayed or diverted at major travel hub after runway is submerged under water amid freak storms – Olive Press News Spain

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A MAJOR airport in Spain has been forced to stop all flights from landing or taking off amid severe weather conditions.

The Sont Sant Joan airport in Palma de Mallorca made the decision this afternoon due to strong storms and rain.

Airport governing body Aena reported that all flights at the travel hub are currently paralysed.

The runway is completely flooded, making normal operations impossible.

Passengers travelling to or from the airport are being urged to check the status of their flight.

Meanwhile, accessing the airport is seeing chaos with queues of vehicles trying to enter the car park measuring more than a kilometre.

Video footage shared online shows the Duty Free area of the airport filling up with water that is cascading from the ceiling.

Meanwhile, a picture taken from inside an airplane shows how the runway is completely submerged under muddy water.

The storms have been brought on by a weather system known as a DANA, which is currently passing over the Balearics.

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