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Tragedy as former child star of sitcom ALF dies of heatstroke after falling asleep in car aged 46

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11 July 2024, 06:44

Benji Gregory has died aged 46
Benji Gregory has died aged 46.


A former child star has died of heatstroke aged 46 after falling asleep in his car.

Benji Gregory, who acted in the popular US sitcom ALF in the late 1980s, was found in his car outside a bank in Arizona on June 13.

It is believed he had been depositing a cheque at a bank when he returned to the car and fell asleep, leading to his death.

Gregory was with his dog, Hans, who also died of heatstroke.

Arizona, in the south-west of the US, can be very hot in summer, reaching above 40C at times.

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ALF is about an alien who ends up living with an ordinary American family
ALF is about an alien who ends up living with an ordinary American family.


The former child star’s exact cause of death is still being determined, according to local authorities.

Gregory had suffered from depression and bipolar disorder, as well as having a sleep condition that meant he sometimes stayed up for days at a time.

Born in 1978, he starred in ALF, a sitcom about an alien living with a normal American family, from 1986-1990. The show aired in the UK on CITV.

Gregory also made appearances in other TV shows such as the A-Team, Fantasy Island and the Twilight Zone.

Mr Gregory
Mr Gregory.


Gregory dropped out of acting in 2003, when he was in his mid-twenties.

He joined the US Navy, rising to the position of aerographer’s mate. He had an honourable discharge in 2005.

Gregory married his wife Sarah in 2006.

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