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Tchia: How to Fast Travel

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Tchia‘s Soul-Jumping ability and boat give players the ability to traverse the game’s map in a variety of ways. That said, fans that want to cover large distances extremely quickly may want to forego those traversal mechanics in favor of fast travel. Indeed, nothing can quite compare with the speed of fast travel in Tchia, and this guide is here to explain how fans can utilize the feature.

Tchia: How to Fast Travel

In order to fast travel in Tchia, players must first visit Docks, locations that appear as anchors on the in-game map. Notably, these anchors will initially have small locks on top of them, and those indicate that the Dock is not yet useable. Fortunately, removing th locks is easy as walking up to the Dock, and fans of open-world indie games will be free to fast travel to and from the location once that has occurred.


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To actually perform that fast traveling, players must simply interact with a Dock’s kiosk, select the Fast Travel option, and then choose any other Dock that they have unlocked. These actions will cause Tchia to be quickly whisked away to the selection, and fans will then be free to continue their journeys across Tchia‘s New Caledonia-inspired world.

To note, Docks are not only useful for initiating fast travel, as players can also use these locations to summon their boats. As with fast travel, boat summoning is performed through the Dock’s kiosk, and it is a good way to get reconnected with a vessel that has gone astray.

Furthermore, a fan can customize their boat once it has been summoned to the dock by selecting the Customize option. More specifically, players can alter the sail, flag, floaters, wood, and carpet of the boat, and there are ton of different cosmetic items from which to choose. For the uninitiated, these boat cosmetics are earned by progressing through Tchia‘s main story, opening Valuable Chests, and exchanging Pearls and Trinkets at Cosmetic Boxes.

Boat customizations are not all that players will earn from those sources, though, as they can also grant cosmetic items for Tchia herself. These items can be used to change the titular protagonist’s hair, clothes, and accessories, and it is even possible to alter the aesthetic of the ukulele in Tchia. For full clarity, fans need to visit a Campfire in order to make these changes, and those important locations can be easily found across the map.

Tchia is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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