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Sun signs in love: Virgo women as lovers

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Virgo women aka the perfectionists. But what else? How are they with their loved ones or what surprises them the most? Read along to find out how a Virgo would be when in love.

How would you imagine a Virgo in love? Let’s find out.(Unsplash)

Her character: Complicated yet complete. That’s a Virgo woman. She strives to be perfect and make the world a better place. They like to plan and execute everything in life. They are loving and witty in a highly sarcastic manner but you will get to see this side of them only if you are close to each other.

As a lover: Virgos don’t trust as easily. They might be distant and cold when you meet them but it is just them analysing if you are worth trusting. Once you get to know them, they are the most caring and sensitive women you’ll ever find. They always make sure you feel the love and will go to any lengths for you.

How to date her: Acceptance is key when dating a Virgo. They are different and they know it. Make sure you are comfortable with their quirkiness before falling for them over head and heels because you will. Virgo women want a man that has a life and dreams of his own. They would love for both of you to excel in life and love.

The perfect date for her: A getaway trip to the mountains or just a fresh cup of coffee together. Any of the two will do for the Virgos. They love refreshing themselves with love and will always appreciate the smallest of efforts.

Compatible signs: Virgo women and Taurus men are a highly compatible couple. With both being earth signs they complement and balance each other’s energy. Cancer is another sign best suited for Virgo women. Cancer needs a caring partner and Virgos love with their all.

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