Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sullivan Arena job fair caters to people experiencing homelessness

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – The Municipality of Anchorage held its One Stop Shop Job Fair at the Sullivan Arena for people experiencing homelessness on Wednesday. The only employer was the Anchorage Parks and Rec Department.

Parks Director Mike Braniff said the city is looking to fill about a hundred seasonal jobs, things like cutting grass, cleaning parks and planting gardens. Salaries range from $18 to $21 per hour and Braniff said there’s another big benefit.

“These jobs are all 4-10′s, every weekend is a three-day weekend. I think that’s a real benefit of working in our department and we always want everybody to know. And we have a lot of variety. If you enjoy working outside we have any number of different tasks that you can serve the public and give back to your community by participating in,” he said.

Braniff said the job fair condensed the application process down to a single day. Many people were offered jobs on the spot, provided they can pass a municipal background check. Braniff called the experience a win for the city as well as job seekers.

“Like any entity right now I think it’s a challenge to find labor in this market and this was the brainchild of our HR department to bring a job fair here as well as another housing location to a group of people that we know are looking for work and need to work,” Braniff said.

The city plans another hiring event Thursday at The Guest House from 11 am to 3 pm. People interested in municipal jobs can also visit the city website.

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