LEGO Horizon Adventures

The rumours surrounding a potential Horizon and LEGO crossover game have picked up steam today as Insider Gaming reports the title is called LEGO Horizon Adventures, and is essentially “Horizon Forbidden West but LEGO”, and features “realistic graphics”. In trying to envision what this game might look like, some people have pointed to LEGO Builder’s Journey, which places LEGO pieces on a blank but colourful background.

The outlet then claims they’ve heard that an “advertisement trailer” for the project was recently completed, which could mean it appears in the PlayStation Showcase heavily rumoured to take place this month. The collaboration was hinted at last weekend — when it wasn’t entirely clear whether this would be a game or a new LEGO set like the Tallneck one — but now it appears to very much be a new video game, if the suggestions are true.

What do you make of this latest claim? Are you interested in something like this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.