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PM orders probe into police gambling ring bribery claims

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Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin instructed the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) to investigate a controversial comment made in a Line group chat by the Phasi Charoen police superintendent, who accused his superior of allowing a gambling ring to set up slot machines in his jurisdiction.

The 62 year old prime minister emphasised that any allegations of police bribery would be thoroughly investigated, though he had yet to receive detailed information.

The incident unfolded yesterday when Police Colonel Pairoj Namuangrak, the Phasi Charoen Police Superintendent, criticised one of his superiors, a police major general, in a group chat for allegedly ordering him to ignore the installation of slot machines by a local gambling ring.

Despite the message being deleted the following day, a member of the group chat which had 393 participants, took a screenshot and leaked it online. This prompted MPB commissioner Police Lieutenant General Thiti Sangsawang to call for an urgent meeting to address the allegations.

During the meeting, Pol. Col. Pairoj presented a garland to Police Major General Prason Anmanee, the commander of Metropolitan Police Division 9, who was the target of the allegations. Pol. Col. Pairoj claimed he was under significant stress and admitted that his message was untrue, stating he had not verified the information before making it public.

“I was under heavy stress and the message was untrue. I didn’t check the authenticity of the information before posting it.”

Pol. Maj. Gen. Prasong Anmanee stated that he harboured no ill will towards Pol. Col. Pairoj and had no intention of pursuing legal action against him.

“I hold no grudges against Superintendent Pairoj and have no plans to take legal action.”

PM Srettha reiterated his stance on the need for a thorough investigation, insisting that the issue would not be resolved with a mere apology, reported Bangkok Post.

“It won’t stop with an apology. The police must get to the bottom of this issue.”

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