Thursday, February 29, 2024

New Lily vs. E. Honda developer match footage released for Street Fighter 6

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Although we’ve gotten to see the basics of how newcomers like Lily will function in Street Fighter 6, there’s still a ton of the finer and more intricate details we don’t know to bring their toolkits all together.

Capcom just released some brand new developer match footage for SF6 pitting Lily against E. Honda, which offers up a much better look at her various Condor specials and Windclad stock buffs as well as both characters’ big Super Arts.

As was noted in their previously released information, Lily and Honda can both buff up their special attacks, which are indicated by icons next to their Drive Gauges.

Lily’s Windclad stocks appear to drain by 1 for every special attack she uses, and it increases the distance and speed her Condor Spire travels. On top of raw charging, there’s a version of the move that also has a hit attached, so she can gain stocks during combos or pressure.

For those wondering about countering forward-moving specials, the devs show Lily attempting to use Drive Impact to take out Honda’s incoming headbutt, but the Sumo wrestler has enough time to hit her, land, and counter with his own DI to punish the punish.

Those behind the controls also appear to indicate that Lily’s Windclad Condor Spire is likely either neutral or plus on block since since she hits light kick after Honda blocks it and still gets the counter hit.

We finally get to see Lily’s Tomahawk Buster command grab, which apparently doesn’t receive a buff from Windclad charges, but still does a decent chunk of damage — as does Honda’s kara Overdrive Ochio throw.

The final round of the match provides a full look at Honda’s level 3 Super where he uses the opponents feet to create a Sumo ring of fire before slamming them out of it for big damage.

We also presumed that Lily’s regular level 3 would be the one from the trailer that she messes up and falls on the opponent while her Critical Art would be the complete attack, but this footage indicates it may be the opposite.

You can check out the full Lily vs. Honda match from Capcom below, and be sure to check out the previous release of Zangief vs. Marisa if you missed that or our interviews with Capcom regarding Street Fighter 6.

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