Monday, June 24, 2024

New Helldivers 2 Major Order gives players another shot at securing Anti-Tank Mines, but only if they pick the Stratagem over saving thousands of Super Earth children

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A new Major Order is upon us in Helldivers 2, giving patriotic players everywhere another big choice that’ll lead us to either unlock a new Stratagem or simply feel content that we did the right thing.

You might remember that back in April, loyal Helldivers were given the choice of liberating Choohe or Penta to receive either the MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines or the RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher. At the time, the community decided to go for the Rocket Launcher, and so the Anti-Tank Mines were put back on the bench. Another opportunity came last month when the mines were set to be a reward for a Major Order that challenged us to beat two billion Automatons. Well, that time, we just failed. Now, though, the mines have been given another potential shot, but only if players are willing to ignore the fact that there are thousands of helpless civilians currently trapped in “Super Citizen Anne’s Hospital for Very Sick Children” on the Automaton-occupied planet of Vernen Wells.

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