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Natalie’s Everyday Heroes: Menomonee Falls business owner makes big impact in community

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MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (CBS 58) — Here at CBS 58, we talk a lot about what makes our hometowns so special.

And when you get down to it– a lot of times, it’s the people.

Robin Manke’s family goes back in Menomonee Falls for more than a century.

She’s spent most of her life there and she’s dedicated to making it a better place.

Her store, Robin’s Nest, is filled with current fashion.

“As much artisan made as we can get in. We try to focus on USA made garments,” Manke said.

But its history goes way back. Manke opened her store in 1982, and at the time, it was located next to her dad’s shop.

“This is a picture of Dan’s Tog Shop,” she said, pointing to a photo. “We’re one of the oldest, contiguous businesses in Menomonee Falls.”

Its location on Main Street is a legacy, too.

“My great-great-grandfather, Mr. Fye, built the building in 1896,” she said.

With a family history dating back to the 1890’s- it’s no wonder Manke is committed to Menomonee Falls.

“It’s a wonderful place to live,” she said., 

Manke has made a big contribution to that. She has worked with the Menomonee Falls Food Pantry, and she taught Sunday school for 50 years.

“I tend to be a good background worker, more than in the forefront,” she said modestly.

That’s why we had to turn to lifelong friend, Molly Paulus.

“That wasn’t her favorite thing to do,” Paulus laughed about our interview.

She told us about Manke’s most recent honor is a lifetime achievement award from the Greater Menomonee Falls Foundation.

“When you look at all that she’s done for the community, she deserves it,” Paulus said.

Manke says businesses in the village have really taken off in the last few years.

“It took us a while to get that going, but we are a destination now. We have art galleries; we have gift shops,” she said.

There have been major improvements at Village Park and there are new restaurants and bars.

Manke’s committed to helping keep downtown a vibrant place into the future.

“And it’s just fun,” she said. “Good place to be.”

Manke doesn’t have any plans to retire right now.

She was quick to tell us about all the festivals and events coming to downtown.

You can find a list here.

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