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Major architecture firms merge to revolutionize sports infrastructure design | WTOV

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Two major architecture firms in the region have announced a merger — and the focus is on sports.

McKinley Architecture + Engineering and JSTA sports are officially under the same roof.

JTSA is a Pennsylvania-based company that provides total sports architecture and recreation specialists who have designed projects from Division 1 stadiums to regional community parks.

McKinley covers a variety of designs in the industry, including educational work at the collegiate and high school levels.

“We strive ourselves on providing a one-stop shop where we provide architectural service and MVP services, and this is another division of sports and recreation department that we can add,” said Ernie Dellatorre, director of business development, MAKE.

JTSA has been operating for 25 years and has worked on many projects, with MAKE, like the West Liberty soccer and track facility, Wheeling Park’s soccer and softball fields, Weir High’s softball and baseball fields and Tyler Consolidated’s stadium.

They are a mid-Atlantic company working in states as far as California and Florida. MKAE is known for its work in Ohio, Pa., and W.Va. – and says it’s now time to extend that reach.

“This expands out market a little bit where JTSA is working on projects across the country,” Dellatore said.

“I think the experience McKinley has in the K-12, and our experience also on the fringes with K-12 with a specialization of sports, I think that we will be able to provide a more well-rounded picture for when we go to a client,” said Jim Sauer, director of sports, JTSA Sports.

One of the major impacts this is production rates will speed up. They understand their work can be disruptive around schools and the quicker they can get in and out, the better.

“Now we have a whole new team behind us, so we are able to help with better client response, better production rate, and ultimately, a better product,” Sauer said.

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