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How to Fast Travel Skull and Bones

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The open-world seafaring experience that many have been waiting for has finally hit the gaming community’s shores as Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones opens on both consoles and PCs. In the game, you will be tasked with creating your own bandit of the seas and building them up to be one of the most notorious pirates in history.



Much of the game will be spent on the water as you command your fully customizable ship and its crew across the countless islands the game has to offer. However, given the size of the game’s map, you may want to know how you can quickly move from one landmark to another without facing the perils of the ocean and its many threats. In this guide, we will explain how to fast travel from one island to another.



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How to Fast Travel in Skull and Bones

The map in Skull and Bones showing how to fast travel to Sainte-Anne

The process of fast traveling in Skull and Bones is a relatively easy one, provided you know where to find the option. For ease of use and user-friendliness, Ubisoft provided two very accessible options from which you can quickly travel across the world;

  1. From the Map
  2. From the Ship Customization menu

It should be noted here that, regardless of the fast travel option you select,
you can only perform this action when your ship is docked
. This means that you won’t be able to fast travel while your ship is at sea.

How to Fast Travel from the Map

If you are docked and are walking through a settlement like Sainte-Anne, you can quickly move you and your crew to another settlement without even going back to your ship. To do this, simply open the game’s map, hover over the settlement you wish to travel to and hold the indicated button to confirm the trip. This can only be done at certain settlements, and you will need to have visited them previously.

As is the case with any voyage, partaking in fast travel will use up some of your resources just as it would if you were manually sailing to the other location, but fast traveling will ensure you avoid threats like enemy ships. Take note of the amount of silver it will cost you to travel to your desired location, which is determined by the distance you will travel to get there.

The ship customization menu in Skull and Bones, showing how to fast travel

In a similar fashion to the map menu, the fast travel option is easily accessible from your ship management and customization menu. This menu can be found when you approach your docked ship while in any settlement and pressing the indicated button to set sail.

Once unlocked, the option to fast travel will be at the top of the list, alongside alternative options like ship customization and cargo management, which you can use to store resources and tools. As is the case with traveling directly from the map, the voyage will cost you silver to complete.


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