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Holiday warning over viral packing trick after passenger BANNED from flight

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HOLIDAYMAKERS have been issued a warning after one passenger was banned from their flight – over a viral packing hack.

The trick, which has been hailed on social media for its inventiveness, didn’t turn out to be such a smart move.

Holidaymakers have been issued a stark warning ahead of travellingCredit: Getty
A man was stopped at the airport after trying to follow a viral packing hackCredit: @natashaorganic/TikTok

According to TikTok users, the packing ‘tip’ involves hiding clothes in a pillow case to prevent you having to pay for an extra carry on bag.

It was thought that because a pillow is taken on as a comfort item, it wouldn’t count as baggage.

But, a traveller using the ‘pillow case hack’ was stopped by airport security – and officials resorted to calling the cops.

The chaotic scene appeared to unfold in Orlando International Airport at gate 17.

Fellow traveller Natasha posted the ordeal on Tiktok.

The clip, shared on her platform @natashaorganic, amassed hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

She said: “Stop letting social media give you tips and tricks because sometimes it’s not gonna work.

“This dude was trying to take in a pillowcase full of clothing and other items which he is stating was simply just a pillowcase and the dude was was like bro, everybody can see it’s not a freaking pillow, like come on.

“They gave him the chance to pay for it, he went all the way up until they closed the doors to be like okay, I’ll pay for it now, and then he tried to like bogart his way into the freaking, into the plane.

“They were like bro, back away, we gave you a chance and you didn’t pay for it, and they ended up calling the cops on him.

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“And he ended up getting escorted out, so stop listening to the internet.”

Shocked viewers penned their opinions in the comment section.

One wrote: “The airport is the one place I’m making sure I’m a model citizen. Are people not afraid of felonies and the no fly list?”

“I’ll fight anyone anywhere anytime but never the airport. Getting out in the “no fly list” is worse than a bad credit score,” added another.

Someone else shared: “Do y’all know employees at the airport have TikTok? They see the same videos.”

It comes as holidaymakers are also being warned about their personal data being stolen on social media.

A recent study from consumer watchdog Which? found that airline customers were being targeted by fake social media accounts on X (formerly Twitter).

Meanwhile, Heathrow previously blamed a TikTok craze for chaos seen at the airport.

The airport’s chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, said that pretending to need a wheelchair was labelled as a “travel hack” on the social media site, for people hoping to skip queue.

Plus, how one frustrated passenger went viral after he hilariously tried to beat easyJet’s carry-on baggage rules.

The man went into great trouble to avoid having to pay for checked-in baggage and was determined to show that his bag was the right size for the cabin.

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