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Harry risks backlash with major travel plans after ‘hypocritical’ plea

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Prince Harry’s latest comments regarding travel could see him face further backlash following past criticism of the Duke’s flying habits

Prince Harry is ready to continue traveling the world

Prince Harry could face backlash after his latest comments revealed he plans to travel more as part of his bid for positive change.

Harry returned to the United States this week after a trip to the UK was followed by a three-day tour of Nigeria with wife Meghan Markle. He branded the trip a success and admitted it is “hugely important” for the pair to continue to travel in the future.

The Duke said: “It is hugely important for us to meet directly with people, supporting our causes and listening, in order to bring about solutions, support and positive change.”

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have recently visited Nigeria(Anadolu via Getty Images)

Speaking to PEOPLE, he continued: “There’s only so much one can do from home and over Zoom, so we look forward to traveling more because the work matters. Whether it’s the Archewell Foundation, Invictus or any of our other causes, there will always be reasons to meet the people at the heart of our work.”

However, he has risked the wrath of the public once again after previously being criticised for for comments regarding air miles. In December 2022, the Prince raised eyebrows after urging travellers to fly less.

Harry previously founded Travalyst, a project aimed at improving conservation and environmental protection, and the company shared a newsletter which told people take fewer trips, opt for economy class and pack light in a bid to be more sustainable.

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