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From 39 To 7 Percent Body Fat In A Year And A Half: Inside Kartik Aaryan’s Chandu Champion Fitness Transformation

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Kartik Aaryan has stepped out of his comfort zone for Chandu Champion. In the posters, Kartik’s ripped physique and toned abs are proof enough that he put his sweat and blood to slip into the shoes of India’s first Paralympic gold medallist Murlikant Petkar. On Instagram, Kabir Khan documented Kartik’s “inspiring” fitness journey that resulted in the actor’s “ab-tastic” body. “I met him when he had put on weight for a role. He had 39 percent body fat. I told him that he had to portray an international-level multi-disciplinary sportsperson. He just smiled and said ‘I will do it, sir,” shared the director on Instagram. A man of his word, Kartik delivered as promised — a chiselled body and broad shoulders, without any use of steroids. Within half a year, the actor reduced his body fat to only 7 percent. Kartik’s hard-earned lean-cut physique made Kabir Khan feel “proud”, the director added.

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Kartik Aaryan bowled us over with his amazing physical transformation in Chandu Champion’s first poster. The actor displayed his sculpted frame in the picture. Drenched in sweat and rain, he was seen running across the field wearing a loin cloth. The tagline of the post read, “The man who refused to surrender”. It was evident that the actor underwent rigorous training to achieve those muscles, presumably spending hours lifting weights and executing difficult exercises. 

As per an IANS report, Kartik Aaryan devoted 14 months to boxing lessons to get the desired body for Chandu Champion. He completely gave up on sugar consumption as a part of his dietary regimen. Earlier, the Bollywood star shared an Instagram video where he was seen exercising with two 50 kg dumbbells. Kartik’s clever caption with the word “Champion” was an indication that he was prepping for the demanding role. In the video, he asks fans to focus on the elderly woman working out behind him. “Dadi on fire. Don’t focus on me…but focus on the Champion behind me. Always working out in the gym and is a real inspiration for fitness and enthusiasm,” he wrote.

Kartik Aaryan’s fitness journey certainly has inspired.

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