Thursday, June 20, 2024

French far-right alliance talks break down

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“This is a great disappointment for France,” Maréchal wrote after meeting Le Pen to discuss a possible alliance on Monday.

In a statement, Maréchal accused Jordan Bardella, the National Rally’s president, of having “switched positions” and said his party was now “refusing the mere concept of an alliance.”

According to Maréchal, Bardella explained his change of tone by the fact that the RN doesn’t want to be associated with Zemmour.

A former journalist and media personality, Zemmour has been convicted on many occasions of inciting hatred and racism. He entered frontline politics during the 2022 presidential election, when he won 7 percent of the vote. Zemmour has repeatedly attacked Le Pen for being too soft on issues including Islam in French society.

But the presence of a candidate even more to her right helped Le Pen soften her image and pursue her plans to make her party more acceptable to grand public.

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