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Energy at the East Liverpool Community Center

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Shown is the entrance to the East Liverpool Community Center, which serves as a hub of activity for the community. (Submitted photo)

It is our volunteers who are the real source of our energy that has led to the success of the East Liverpool Area Community Center since it first opened its doors. This energy continues and seems to have grown stronger since January when the center reopened for all activities. All volunteers returned rejuvenated and anxious to be back to add their energy to that of the new volunteers.

Hospitality volunteers each day take phone calls, accept reservations for activities and offer tours of the center between noon to 5 p.m. daily every day of the week. Jan Stover is our newest Hospitality Volunteer. Jan recently retired from her job in the East Liverpool High School Superintendent’s office but she still keeps very busy as an accomplished pianist and organist. She has been working regularly on Tuesdays noon to 2:30 p.m. The center greatly appreciates her presence and Jan is no stranger to most center visitors.

Many times there are two volunteers on duty when couples spend time together helping others. There are about eight couples who share the duties such as Donald and Kim Aldridge. They are the daughter and son-in-law of our oldest and most faithful volunteer, Jim Lewis. The center is like the Donnie’s second home. Donald’s favorite job is providing and serving the refreshment at the Thursday Classic Movie Nites. Entertaining old-time movies are shown on a large wide-screen and with surround sound amplification. Donald’s boundless energy and special skills that he gives over many hours at the center. Movies are shown from the center’s extensive library of films several times each week to people who just drop in.

Many paid rentals and activities are scheduled for the next few months that require additional volunteer since often they are held at times that are not limited to the scheduled during open hours daily of noon to 5 p.m.

Showers, birthday parties, weddings including receptions, anniversary celebrations are filling up the center’s reservations schedule. This is in addition to the regularly meetings each week of the East Liverpool Rotary Club, Lions, AA Recovery Classes, a Bridge Club, Aimee George’s Aerobic classes several evenings each week and groups that meet once a month like the Guardians of the Children and the Helen Gould Club Together; these account for hundreds of guests and visitors to the community center each week.

Special events in April will include an egg hunt April 8 sponsored by the East Liverpool Church of God and a talent show for area students sponsored by the John Fitzjohn Foundation. The Guardians of Children Purse Bingo Nite is on April 22 and the East Liverpool Garden Club will be holding several events. On May 4 the annual Prayer Breakfast will return this year to the Banquet Hall. After breakfast the program runs from at 8 to 9:30 a.m. Tickets may be purchased at the center and from committee members in advance. Also using the center facilities this spring will be the East Liverpool High School for baseball games. Often fans nearly fill the very large parking lot at the center for their games throughout their season.

Plans are moving ahead for the opening of a Monarch Butterfly Garden on the west side of the center property. Chairman Linda Henderson and her committee of Rotarians are joined by students and teachers from the East Liverpool High School. This unique garden will be outside the center and will be open to the public early this summer. The garden can be observed from inside the center or from outside for those wanting closer observation.

Who could have imagined six years ago when the Trinity Presbyterian Church sold the property to the HHH Foundation that it would one day be such a blessing to all the citizens throughout the greater community. Once the energy of the 12 HHH board members and the volunteers took over all their imagination has benefited for the community as it all fell into place..

The community center is located at 110 Maine Boulevard, just below the East Liverpool High School complex. For information or to reserve rooms for parties or other events, call 330-303-2110 and speak with one of our energized volunteers or if you leave a message it will be responded to promptly.

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