Friday, June 14, 2024

Echelon Fitness Acquires ThriveX, Enters Recovery Tech

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Echelon Fitness is plunging into a new category.

What’s happening: The connected fitness equipment maker acquired Singapore-based recovery tech brand ThriveX.

Adding cold plunges, compression boots, and sauna blankets to its portfolio, Echelon will market its “end-to-end fitness experience” for at-home and commercial customers.

Between the lines: The Peloton rival has made timely, cost-effective pivots, leaning into strength training while building up its B2B sales pipelines.

With recovery tech growing twice as fast as the fitness equipment market through ’28, Echelon can sell its new SKUs as part of a high-performance package for gyms, hotels, and homes.

Feel Good Inc.

As tech-enabled recovery protocols go mainstream, innovation is accelerating.

  • Upping accessibility, Plunge launched more-affordable cold plunges, Ice Barrel debuted a tub for all body types, and Edge Theory Labs created an app for beginners.
  • Targeting beauty biohackers, HigherDOSE partnered with Sephora to sell its sauna blanket and red light therapy wearables.
  • Hyperice made its Normatec compression boots wireless, and rival Therabody is pioneering precision hot/cold therapy with its RecoveryTherm Cube.

A different approach, social wellness club Remedy Place launched Tech-Remedy, translating its in-house methodology to at-home tech.

Looking ahead: Hot, cold, or compression, recovery is inseparable from today’s fitness routines. Pairing smart strength with targeted R&R could sweeten Echelon’s pitch, prompting other connected fitness brands to lean in.

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