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Cuban blasts refs for bizarre Warriors-Mavs timeout sequence

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Mark Cuban had some choice words for the officials in the Warriors’ 127-125 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday at American Airlines Center. 

With 1:54 remaining in the third quarter and the game tied 87-87, the Mavericks were caught off guard when they lined up on the wrong end of the floor after a timeout, leading to a dunk from Warriors center Kevon Looney and a very confused Dallas team. 

Before the odd play, the Mavericks had called timeout after the ball went out of bounds off Dallas forward Justin Holliday, giving the Warriors the ball. The only problem was that the Mavericks appeared to have forgotten it was the Warriors’ ball. 

However, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban clarified what happened on Twitter, claiming the officials changed their original call and never told Dallas. 

The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported immediately after the game, citing a source, that the Mavericks plan on protesting the game because of the third-quarter sequence. 

The game had major implications for both the Warriors and the Mavericks, who are fighting for a spot in the NBA playoffs and were separated by half a game in the standings prior to Wednesday night’s clash. 

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Ultimately, the Warriors came away with the two-point victory, winning their second straight game on the road and a key matchup against a Western Conference opponent. 


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