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23 of 2023’s most gas-guzzling cars

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Fluctuating gas prices have many feeling pain at the pump—but owners of gas-guzzling cars feel it more acutely.

Stacker used data from the Department of Energy’s fuel economy database to rank the 23 most gas-guzzling cars of 2023. Duplicate models of the same car line were excluded from this analysis: For example, the data includes information on the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Ghost Black Badge, and Ghost Extended, but this analysis only includes information for the base model, Ghost. Only 2023 model cars were considered, and those included here were released between May 2022 and February 2023.

Gas prices rise due to higher demand and higher costs for crude oil and they typically vary by season. In June 2022, the average price for a gallon of gas was over $5 in many states but fell as demand and crude oil prices sank.

New fuel efficiency standards may help your wallet when gas prices rise. In 2022, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released new standards that require manufacturers to have a fuel efficiency rating of 49 miles per gallon averaged across all of their models by 2026 and for every model by 2029.

Owning a gas guzzler won’t just cost you more at the pump—cars that get less than 22.5 miles per gallon also incur a “gas-guzzler tax,” which starts at $1,000 but climbs to $7,700 for cars that get less than 12.5 mpg. The tax is usually paid by the manufacturer or importer but is no doubt passed on to the customer in the purchase price.

Read on to see which new cars are the least fuel-efficient for 2023.

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