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2022-23 NFL Coach of the Year Odds Tracker

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  • Brian Daboll won 2022-23 NFL Coach of the Year
  • Daboll was never actually favored to win the award; see how 2022-23 NFL COY odds changed throughout the 2022-23 NFL season
  • Looking for current NFL Coach of the Year odds?

We tracked the 2022-23 NFL Coach of the Year odds from the time they opened right through to the NFL Honors. Brian Daboll won the award in his first year as the Giants head coach, but he was actually never given the best odds to win the award at any point of the season. See how the odds changed over the course of the 2022-23 NFL season below.

2022 NFL Coach Of The Year Award Odds & Favorites

Coaches like Nathaniel Hackett, Mike McDaniel, Kevin O’Connell, Doug Pederson, and Brian Daboll were among the favorites at the beginning of the year. Each coach was walking into their first season as head coach with a team who wasn’t great the previous season.

Nick Sirianni was the favorite for most of the season with his Eagles reeling off win after win and remaining undefeated pretty late into the season. We didn’t see odds reopen after Week 18 kicked off, but the closing odds did have Sirianni as the favorite. As we know, the Eagles head coach did not win the award.

Closing NFL COY Odds

Coach (Team) Odds
Nick Sirianni (Eagles) -175
Kyle Shanahan (49ers) +300
Doug Pederson (Jaguars) +900
Brian Daboll (Giants) +1600
Dan Campbell (Lions) +2000
Kevin O’Connell (Vikings) +4000
Robert Saleh (Jets) +10000
Sean McDermott (Bills) +10000
Andy Reid (Chiefs) +10000
Zac Taylor (Bengals) +10000
Mike McCarthy (Cowboys) +10000
Pete Carroll (Seahawks) +15000
Mike McDaniel (Dolphins) +20000
John Harbaugh (Ravens) +20000
Ron Rivera (Commanders) +20000

*Odds as of January 3

Those lucky enough to have bet Daboll before the odds closed got a nice 16-1 payout on that bet. The Giants head coach was as long as +3250 in mid-December as well.

Here are some more notes on the movement we have seen:

  • [January 3] After the Eagles dropped their second straight game, losing to the Saints in Week 17, Nick Sirianni is no longer the odds-on favorite to win NFL COY. Sirianni is still the co-favorite, though. His odds faded from -175 to +175, moving him into a tie with Kyle Shanahan for the best odds.
  • [December 20] With the Lions having won six of their last seven games, Dan Campbell has seen his odds improve from +10000 to as short as +175 in a matter of two weeks. Campbell is now second on the board, only behind Nick Sirianni.
  • [November 21] After beating the Colts in Week 11, Nick Sirianni is back to being an odds-on favorite to win NFL COY.
  • [November 15] With the Eagles suffering their first loss of the season in Week 10, Nick Sirianni’s NFL Coach of the Year odds faded from -135 to +120. Philadelphia’s head coach is still the favorite to win the award.
  • [November 1] Nick Sirianni has become an odds-on favorite to win NFL COY after his Eagles’ Week 8 win over the Steelers. The Eagles head coach went from +125 odds to -120, separating himself from Brian Daboll, who went from +250 to +500 after his Giants lost in Week 8, and the rest of the pack. The board also got a lot shorter today, with nearly half of the league’s coaches not being given odds anymore.
  • [October 25] After his Seahawks upset the Chargers in Week 7 to move to 4-3, Pete Carroll’s NFL COY odds have improved from +5000 to +2000, tying him for the fifth-best odds. Brian Daboll and Robert Saleh also saw improvement after their teams got big wins in Week 7 as well. Daboll at +250 is just behind Nick Sirianni (+125) and Saleh is now third at +1000.
  • [October 18] With the Jets upsetting the Packers at Lambeau in Week 6, Robert Saleh has seen his odds to win NFL COY improve from +5000 to +2000, making him a top eight contender.
  • [October 12] Brian Daboll has seen his NFL Coach of the Year odds improve from +1900 to an average of +575 after his Giants beat the Packers in London in Week 5. Daboll now has the second-best odds to win the award, behind Nick Sirianni, who is approaching even money.
  • [October 4] Nick Sirianni has really broken away from the field after his Eagles improved to 4-0 with a win over the Jaguars in Week 4. Philadelphia is now the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. Sirianni’s odds have improved from +400 to +150.
  • [September 27] Despite getting a huge win over the Bills in Week 3, Mike McDaniel is no longer the favorite to win NFL Coach of the Year. Nick Sirianni, the only other coach whose team is 3-0, has taken over after his Eagles beat up the Commanders. Sirianni’s odds improved from +700 to +400, while McDaniel’s went from +600 to +500.
  • [September 20] Mike McDaniel is the new favorite to win NFL Coach of the Year, after his Dolphins took down the Ravens in Week 2 to start the season 2-0. McDaniel’s odds improved from +1100 to +600. Nick Sirianni, the Eagles head coach, saw his odds improve from +1400 to +700 and now has the second-best odds on the board. Nathaniel Hackett has seen his odds plummet from +1800 to +7500 after another game full of embarrassing coaching mistakes.
  • [September 12] A big win over the Packers in Week 1, where his offense looked very good, has Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell listed as the new favorite in NFL COY odds. His odds improved from +1500 to +800 after Sunday’s win. Mike McDaniel also saw his odds improve thanks to a win against a divisional foe, going from +2000 to +1100, tied for the third-best odds. Bill Belichick saw the biggest dip, as his odds went from +2000 to +6000 following his loss to McDaniel’s Dolphins.
  • [September 7] Brandon Staley enters the 2022-23 NFL season as the favorite to win NFL Coach of the Year. Minnesota’s new head coach, Kevin O’Connell, saw his average odds go from +1750 to +1550, putting O’Connell second on the board.
  • [July 27] Dan Campbell has shot up the board over the summer months. The Lions’ head coach was given the worst odds to win NFL Coach of the Year when odds opened. Campbell was listed at +6000. He now has the seventh-best odds to win the award at +1700.
  • [April 5] Chargers head coach Brandon Staley has opened as the favorite to win NFL Coach of the Year with +1450 odds. The top of the oddsboard also includes new Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett, Sean McDermott, Kevin Stefanski, and Kyle Shanahan, among others.

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